Let us introduce you to your best skin.

Our advanced treatments are for those wanting real results.

Our philosophy for creating great skin;

Understanding the skin inside out, why its doing what it does, we work WITH the skin to restore optimal functioning, supporting it with the very best ingredients, actives and science, plus a lot of love and care

The result; beautiful skin you LOVE and are proud of at every age

Problem skin

Adult acne, teenage breakouts, Hormonal pigmentation, rosacea, hypersensitive skin all stem from underlying disfunction. We work to correct the cause resulting in long term revision and solutions. Start with a consultation and we can create a individualised treatment plan.

Age Management / Healthy Skin For Life

We believe ageing is a privilege, but our environments take a toll on our skin creating damage that prematurely ages our skin. We work with the skins natural processes to undo the impact external stressors have resulting in healthy, fresh, looking skin full of vitality at every age.

Hyper- Pigmentation / Melasma

Pigmentation is one of the most common reasons NZ women seek professional skin treatment, however it’s also one of the most misunderstood and mistreated skin challenges. Often times aggressive approaches only make this condition worse or provide only a temporary fix. We aim to harmonise hormonal and biochemical causes as well as address environmental factors, to visibly even skin tone.

Wedding Skin Prep

Prepare your skin for your big day and photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. A tailored program to have your skin clear radiant and glowing. Visit us for an in depth consultation and a bespoke treatment program. At least 6 months prior to your event is advisable.

Meet the team behind the skin perfection

What to expect when you visit Loren Ashley Skin Clinic.