Skin Consultation

Confidential one-on-one appointment on your skin’s past, present and future. After a cleanse, skin analysis and discussion on your skins condition, your therapist will prescribe a complete at-home skin care regime and in-clinic treatment plan to effectively address your skin’s needs.
Please note: consultation is a prerequisite to all skin treatments
45 minutes | $55 redeemable on skincare purchased on the day


DMK enzyme therapy

DMK Level 1 (Initial facial treatment)
Initial treatment or for those on skin sensitising/ thinning medication.
Classic Enzyme treatment, no pre exfoliation.
90min | $180

DMK Level 2 (Active corrective level treatment)
An active treatment facial. Single pre exfoliation (peel) and DMK Enzyme therapy followed by transdermal vitamin, mineral and amino acid infusion
105min  |   $210

DMK Level 3 (Advanced highly active treatment)
An Advanced treatment facial. Dual pre exfoliation peel and DMK Enzyme therapy followed by transdermal vitamin, mineral and amino acid infusion
110min  |   $249

Intensive Corrective treatments

Alkaline revision with Enzyme therapy
pH revision can be used to treat multiple skin concerns as part of the “remove” part of our treatment protocol. Alkaline is anti fungal and antimicrobial useful as a component of your tailored plan when treating Acne, rosacea, psoriasis and keratosis. paired with enzyme therapy to advance healing and “rebuild” healthy skin
105 min   |   $260

Evacuderm Decongestive peel
The decongestion mini peel  A process over 2 appointments to draw out remove and correct a targeted problem area of stubborn congestion:

  • 1x peel appointment 
  • 1x Enzyme lift-off 

30mins + 90mins   |   $350

‘The Touch’ facial

For those in need of some TLC and total bliss (an ideal gift option).

This is a ‘high touch’ relaxation facial all about massaging away tension in the muscles of the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders and scalp, while still benefiting from the skin nourishment and collagen promoting active ingredients DMK is renowned for.
60mins | $150

Age management

DMK Muscle banding firming enzyme (without pre-exfoliation peel)
An age management treatment designed to fight against the causes of ageing. The muscle banding technique tightens, tones, and firms the face and neck

DMK Muscle banding firming enzyme (with pre-exfoliation peel)
Accelerated age management treatment to revitalise a tired complexion as well as brighten dull skin. Fighting the cause of ageing, the muscle banding technique tightens, tones, and firms the face and neck

Instant Lift (DMK Level 4 Enzyme)
Instant ‘pick me up’ for skin. A layering technique of 3 enzyme formulations to firm, tighten and brighten skin instantly with the DMK special occasion treatment. The perfect accessory for any event
110min  |   $280

Pro Lift (Level 4 Plus)
The Gold standard in anti-aging treatments. We increase hydration and address texture with a gentle peel then use Enzymes 1, 2, and 3 in synergy for the ultimate “Pick me UP” firming, tightening, lifting, and brightening treatment. Finishing with our transdermal vitamin, mineral amnio and essential fatty acid infusion leaving the skin bouncy dewy and glowing, Ideal for a big event or wedding.
115min   |   $305

Dermal Needling

Clinical Needling

Dermal needling with tailored active ampule  infusion and cooling crystal fibre sheet mask  

45mins  |  $290 face
55mins  |  $320 incl neck
60mins  |  $350 incl neck and décolleté

Platinum Needling
Dermal needling treatment, ampule infusion and DMK Enzyme mask for accelerated results and rapid healing, minimal downtime

90mins  |  $390 face
105mins |  $420 incl neck
110mins  |  $450 incl neck and décolleté

Body treatments

Back acne, stretch marks, keratosis pillars (spots on the backs of arms) and cellulite are treatable with a range of options including enzyme therapy, body sculpting, dermal needling and peels plans are individualised upon consultation  |  pricing varies

  • Back / body acne 
  • Cellulite treatment 
  • Stretch mark revision
  • Medi pedi – dry heel treatment

Advanced Skin Revision Packages

A-Lift Program
DMK’s A-Lift series is the ultimate non invasive yet powerful age reversal program. Designed to give back skin firmness and youthful bounce and radiance using a combination of actives, Enzyme therapy and Muscle banding protocols. The original Non surgical facelift
8 Treatments over 12 weeks  |  $2400

Bihaku Pigment Series
DMK’s Bihaku pigmentation programme is a progressive approach for those who can’t do downtime or to revive a dull or lightly sundamaged skin

  • 10 day programme with 2 in clinic clinic visits and 1 enzyme lift off treatment 
  • 2 in clinic applications 
  • 8 at home applications of professional active blend 
  • 1 Enzyme lift off 

10 day process   | $1600

Cosmelan Peel
Cosmelan is the most effective pigmentation solution there is. Deep and hormonal pigment as well as sun induced discolouration are removed and evenness is restored. Peel package includes 3 in clinic visits + homecare  product: 

  • Day 1 Peel application 30mins (left on for 8 – 10hrs)
  • Day 2 – follow up appointment with LED therapy and receive continued care products 30mins
  • Day 10 Enzyme treatment and maintenance plan

  3 sessions   |   $2100  

6 Layer Peel / Remodelling procedure
The DMK 6 Layer peel is an intensive resurfacing procedure , designed to encourage the removal of dead skin cells and instigate the rebuilding phases using plant and fruit acids or Vitamin A strategically layered over a 2 day period 

  • Includes 4 in clinic visits
  • Day 1 Professional peel layers applied
  • Day 2 follow up and 2nd layers applied if necessary
  • (expect heavy peeling day 4 & 5)
  • Day 6  1st Enzyme lift off 
  • Day 10 2nd Enzyme Lift off

4 sessions   |   $2200

Alkaline Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with Alkaline. This treatment works by gently dissolving fine hair and reducing its growth.

  • Lower 1/2 face  |  $90
  • Upper lip & chin |  $75
  • Upper lip / or chin  |  $60

Eye enhancements

Yumi Keratin Brow Lamination
Luxury French Keratin brow styling system famous for taming even the most unruly of brows, giving fullness and definition that lasts.
Includes brow shape and tint
60mins | $120

Yumi Keratin Lash Lift
The trusted Keratin Lash Lift system from France, Lifts and lengthens lashes to gravity-defying heights, naturally.
Famous for wide awake results while maintaining the health and integrity of your lashes. Includes Tint for dramatic depth of colour.
75mins | $120

Brow shapes

  • Just a tidy  |  $25
  • Changing the architecture |  $29
  • Brow tint & shape  |  $39


  • Brow tint  |  $25
  • Lash tint  |  $35
  • Lash tint & brow tint or shape  |  $45
  • Lash tint, brow tint & brow shape  |  $58

Mens menu

Manutrition facial
Deep Cleanse, gentle micro peel exfoliation, Lymphatic drainage and pressure point therapy, clay mask, vitamin infusion
50min  |  $150

DMK Manzyme facial
For those with a concern they would like to correct. 

This treatment works hard to reverse sun damage, irritations, spots and blackheads.

Popular with grooms before your big day, those who have spent years out in the elements or men just wanting to start looking after themselves.

This is a progressive treatment that is customised to your skin specifically. Your first visit will be paired with a consultation and a plan made from there.

  • Consultation                    30mins   |   $55
  • Level 1 (1st treatment)    90mins  |  $200
  • Level 2                             100mins |  $230
  • Level 3                            110mins  |  $260